Do rural building materials business can make a lot of money

Update time: November 12, 2019 23:34:38 Jiqu.com

The face of the countryside is undergoing earth shaking changes, and small foreign buildings are also rising. It also brings many opportunities to many rural entrepreneurs. Some have set up brick and tile factories, some have contracted projects, and many have started building materials business. In fact, there is an extremely broad market in rural areas, so we can make a lot of money by doing rural building materials business. The following is a few rural building materials business, hoping to provide some help for rural entrepreneurs.

    1. Sales of reinforced cement

    In rural markets, there will always be one or two steel cement dealers, one transport vehicle and one open space can do steel and cement wholesale. It seems that the profit of reinforced cement is not directly proportional to the investment, but the profit of 3401 tons of steel is only about 100 yuan. However, the consumption of reinforced cement is relatively large and the turnover is relatively fast. It seems that the profit is not high, but it is also a profiteering industry. In rural areas, the finished products of steel bars need to be processed, and the steel bars need to be straightened, cut off and other manufacturing processes. These manufacturing processes also need to be charged separately, which can also bring a lot of profits for dealers. Cement can also earn hundreds of yuan per ton, a small foreign-style building will consume dozens of tons of cement, plus freight costs can also earn hundreds of thousands of yuan a year.

    2. Brick and tile sales

    Brick and tile are also the two most important building materials in rural construction, and brick concrete structure is the most common rural housing. Due to the current urban and rural construction is very much, leading to the price of bricks and tiles has been rising. In fact, the rise in the price of building materials is nothing but a good thing for dealers. Normally, the profit of a brick is 2 cents, but in the peak construction season, a brick can earn more than 10 cents. A car of bricks can pull twenty or thirty thousand yuan, plus freight, a car can also earn more than one or two thousand yuan. Before and after the Spring Festival, when bricks and tiles are the cheapest, dealers can store bricks and tiles in large quantities, or buy bills in brick and tile factories to store them, so as to make a higher profit margin during the new year.

There are a lot of people in rural areas in China, and the demand for building materials is also very large. To develop building materials business in rural areas, we must establish a good cooperative relationship with the local construction team. Rural housing is usually designated by the construction team. As long as the quality is guaranteed and the price is moderate, the rural building materials business can make a lot of money.

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