What major is better for girls in 2020? Suitable for high-income jobs for future girls

Update time: 21:49:30, October 19, 2019 Jiqu.com

Many girls don't know what to choose when they choose a major. In fact, it's very important to choose a major. Here are some more suitable majors for female students, which can be regarded as high-income jobs in the future.

  1. Professional teachers for girls

Advantages: Teachers' major is a relatively good major. Many girls prefer to engage in education after graduation. With the purpose of teaching and educating people, it is an industry that is highly respected and full of great sense of social responsibility. Whether it is a big city or a rural area, people now attach great importance to education, so choosing a teacher's major is a good major.

Disadvantages: compared with the current professional employment of teachers, there are too many teachers, the threshold for teachers is very high, and the requirements are also great. So relative to the teacher profession, many are afraid of the profession!

  2. Professional nurse specialty suitable for female students

Advantages: compared with girls, nursing major may be a more popular specialty, and the entry threshold of nurse specialty is relatively low. And all over the country, the size of the hospital nurse is a very important post, a lot of girls advocating angels in white are certainly willing to work in the profession of nurses!

Disadvantages: due to the low entry threshold of nurses, the relative salary level is also relatively low! Compared with the nursing profession, it may have a narrow life planning, and may have been engaged in nursing all his life. Finally, nurses often work overtime, irregular work and rest time, overtime intensity is big, girls who are used to normal work and rest time need to be carefully considered.

  3. Professional computer major for girls

Advantages: compared with the past decade, computer major is certainly a major with good employment prospects, so whether it is boys or girls, employment is still good.

Disadvantages: for girls, it may be difficult to engage in long-term project development in computer major. After all, project development and program writing need too much energy and physical strength, and ordinary people can't bear this hardship! Even if girls study computer major, they are also engaged in simple computer operation. And with the increase of computer talents, the scenery of this industry is no longer.

  4. Professional personnel administration for female students

Advantages: the major of personnel administration is a suitable major for girls, and the entry threshold is relatively low. As long as the short-term training is passed, any major can be engaged in personnel administration.

Disadvantages: due to the low threshold, relatively speaking, of course, the salary is a relatively low level, and the work of this position is generally more complicated and trivial, impatient girls need to pay attention to.

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